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Thursday, February 23, 2006

From India, President Bush Goes to Pakistan: His Key Themes for Pakistan!

President Bush in his speech to Asia Society on February 22 referred in the post below noted that Pakistan is a key ally in the war on terror, referring to the country’s contribution to end Taliban regime in Afghanistan; stopping al Qaeda operatives at its border; and sharing intelligence on terrorist activities and movements with USA and its allies.

President Bush believes that Pakistan now has an opportunity to write a new chapter in its history as the United States wants to build a broad and lasting strategic partnership with the people of Pakistan. In his meeting with President Musharraf, Mr. Bush will be discussing areas that are critical to the American-Pakistan relationship—especially in terms of continued cooperation in confronting and defeating terrorists and making progress on the road to democracy by strengthening local institutions that will help guarantee civil liberties and lay foundations for a democratic future for Pakistani people.

The United States wants help in promoting Pakistan's economic reform and growth including opening up of markets and expanding trade. The two countries are currently engaged in improving educational opportunities for the people of Pakistani. "Young men in Pakistan need a real education that provides skills required in the 21st-century workplace. Pakistan needs to improve literacy for its women and help more Pakistani girls have the opportunity to go to school". By helping Pakistan increase the educational opportunities for its people, the United States hopes to help its people raise their standard of living, and marginalize terrorists and extremists.

President Bush believes that good relations with America can help both India and Pakistan in their quest for peace. “Not long ago, there was so much distrust between India and Pakistan that when America had good relations with one, it made the other one nervous". Changing that perception has been one of Bush administration's top priorities. “Pakistan now understands that it benefits when America has good relations with India. India understands that it benefits when America has good relations with Pakistan". And President Bush is pleased that India and Pakistan are beginning to work together to resolve their differences directly.

President Bush observed that “ India and Pakistan are now engaged in dialogue about the difficult question of Kashmir. For too long, Kashmir has been a source of violence and distrust between these two countries”. President Bush believes that India and Pakistan now have an historic opportunity to work toward lasting peace. During his forthcoming visit, Mr. Bush hopes to encourage both Prime Minister Singh and President Musharraf to address this important issue. “America supports a resolution in Kashmir that is acceptable to both sides”!

The World will be keenly watching the impacts and outcomes of Presidents Bush's visit to India and Pakistan within the two countries and vis-a-vis the Unisted States and the rest of the world. Indeed, very interesting and challening times ahead.


  • President's Bush's visit to India surely will have some political fall out within the country.

    The leftist parties while supporting the Congress-led government at the national level, have made it known that they are opposed to India becoming "excessively" friendly with USA -- in the nuclear energy deal and the Iran Nuclear Issue, and diluting the age-old policy of non-allignment.

    Interestingly, on another note, both Congress and leftist parties join hands in opposing BJP -- which under the leadership of Prime Minister Bajpai, started forging the foundation of friendly relations with USA.

    The Congress and the leftist parties regard BJP for long as a "communal" party --in spite of Mr. L. K. Advani's attempt to change that image by publicly calling Late Mr. Jeenah, the father of Pakistan, as a secular person.

    Yet, BJP recently announced that it is willing to join hands with the Congress in opposing leftist parties in the forthcoming state elections in West Bengal.

    What a mess? Where is India's political economy -- as well as foreign policy leading to --any kind of unholy compromises seem to be possible.

    What do you think?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:55 PM  

  • "I want to see Taj Mahal"

    George Bush

    Yeh IT BT Kya Hai

    Lalloo Yadav

    How much more aid can you give us

    General Musharraf

    Aajke Hobe Na

    Jyoti Basu

    I will Rule Maharashtra

    Raj Thackray

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:12 PM  

  • Thanks to the Anonymous: The quotes given above speak a lot...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:10 PM  

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