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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reservations for "Other Backward Classes" In IITs and Other educational institutions

This issue needs a clarification. There is already a reservation system in place in IITs, IIMs and central universities for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The new proposal is to extend this reservations to more social groups classified or to be classified as “other backward classes” which will take the overall reserved seats in these institutions from about 27 per cent to almost 50 per cent. Some student organizations are concerned about the proposed move as it will result in denying so many eligible students (including the poor in so-called upper classes) and have charged the government of playing the "vote bank" politics. It seems that the Election Commission has called for an explanation from Union Human Resource Development Minister, Mr. Arjun Singh, for making the proposal at a time when five states in the country are going for assembly polls. The Constitution had provided for quotas for seats in educational institutions and jobs in government-funded organizations for socially backward castes and tribes initially for only 10 years but over the years, the quota system continued unabated, with more and more castes being added to the list. We will have more details as the GOI proceeds with this proposal ....if at all?


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