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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Who Needs Nuclear Pact More: India or USA?

Perhaps, both -- but more so India if it must generate sufficient electric power to sustain its economic growth, continue progress on poverty reduction, and improve quality of life for millions.

It was indeed creditable for Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh -- and possibly BJP Prime Minister Mr. Bajpai who started the process -- to secure an exception from the US Government that it should enough for India to separate its civil nuclear program from military nuclear program and bring only the former under IAEA supervision -- especially against the background that India has consistently refused to sign NPT while the US law prohibits sale of nuclear technology to nations that are not part of the NPT or have tested a nuclear bomb.

While some Indian parties are still against the proposed India-US Nuclear Pact, at home, President Bush would need to make special efforts to push through the legislative process to qualify India to receive US nuclear technology for civil purposes. Thus, uncertainties abound. India on its part may have to work with President Bush to get this deal through the Congress and the Senate as India cannot be sure about a democratic President to be of help on this issue if the statements made by Senator Kerry after his recent visit to Pakistan that immediately followed the one to India are any guide -- that was kind of a diplomatic double talk?

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